Cheap Car Hire - Is Cheap Always Best Value?

There is this company just off the main street where you can hire a car for next to nothing.

That used to be the way to get cheap car hire, by word of mouth, newspaper article or other personal recommendation. There may still be an argument for that approach if you know of the company concerned or implicitly trust the person that is making the recommendation. However you should always ask yourself if cheap is always the best option. The last thing you want to do is hire a car and then it breaks down due to lack of maintenance. Is there breakdown cover included. Are there any hidden extras that you will be encouraged to purchase when you collect the vehicle

Certainly we here at are always trying to promote good value and our search engine delivers comparisons from some of the major companies from thousands of locations. We also offer the chance to purchase all of your insurance and other extras in a cost effective way, so when you collect the car hire you should not require anything additional. yes it may not work out as cheap as the back street dealer initially, but with the factors we have previously mentioned in place it could save you money in the long term. Just try the search engine and see for yourself.