How to Rent a Car

Gone are the days when to rent a car in tour area you had to go through the telephone directory, ring every car rental company and write down the details and then compare the prices, phone the cheapest company back and then arrange to collect the car.

In complete contrast allows you to type a destination anywhere in the world (obviously relatively large towns or airports) , receive a list of the car groups and availability for the precise days days that you require and book the car. You then receive and email and assuming there are no changes the job is done.

Using a search engine like ours allows you to instantly quote from a large number of companies. Admittedly not all rental companies are on the system, but if there is a company you like, you could always use our quote to ask them to match our price. Chances are you will be wasting your time.

When choosing the car, if you want the cheapest car, the smaller the car the better. It will also cost less in fuel. Remember though if you are on holiday you may have luggage which can take a lot of space and be heavy.

The one area to check is on the car rental extras. As you are booking on the car rental conditions you will see items like excess, tyres etc. Consider these items before you book as although it may be something else you would prefer not to pay, it might be cheaper to pay for it in advance rather than be in two minds when you collect the vehicle and then pay a higher rate.

One other question that customers always ask is will I get the car I order? The answer is maybe. The car groups are organised so that comparable models from different manufacturers are in the same groups. A Volkswagen Golf, Ford Focus, Opel Astra and a Peugeot 308 are all in the Compact group for example. When you book a car in France, they usually have more French makes that otherwise, so you may be more likely to get the Peugeot or Renault. In Germany you may get a Volkswagen or Opel. However the cars are comparable in size, performance and other specifications. Occasionally at busy periods, some car groups may run out. All car rental companies will have limited stock which can sell out. In that instance you may be offered an alternative car group. From my own personal experience I was given a larger and more comfortable car for no additional cost. If it is a cheaper smaller model that you are given, ask politely if you will be entitled to a discount as you are collecting the car. If you wait until the end of the car rental period or even worse when you get home, the chances are that a discount or partial refund will not be possible.